Health is a mess. Blood pressure way up? Started a beta blocker.

Everyone's got some asthmas now due to nearby construction. We put in air purifiers and they help, but it's impossible to keep up.

Worked on some more linocut sketches.

I liked Scavengers Reign. I like when a show is like hey you wanna see a new lil guy do some weird stuff. Rewatching Dirk Gently now.

I made Ineffable prettier by making better use of the work HB's already done.


Let's see. I've done some more mail. Some more HBOT treatments. I tried doing some new weavings but just stressed myself out.

I've been making Ineffable prettier and reading.

It's not that the past week has been boring, it's just been... easy?


HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy) and L-Carnitine seem to be making a sizable dent in my pain and providing me with more energy. I’m dealing with the familiar feeling of suddenly having a burst of energy and feeling stuck because I don’t remember what you’re meant to do with energy anymore. So I’m optimistic, but my health is still a disaster.

Solar panel install was delayed due to Winter Storm Finn.

Four cats is a lot of cats. Tabby is starting to feel better. The kittens go to the vet for the first time today.

We picked up a new air purifier and humidifier, both significantly more powerful than what we’ve had before. It seems to be helping with Tabby’s asthma.

I’ve started figuring out how to work with my new, much larger loom. Bumpy so far.

I’ve sent about 12 pieces of mail now this year, and we’re 12 days in. Not so bad.

I think I’m going to start over again on my bitsy game project because what’s the rush? I keep having ideas for how I can better embrace the medium, so yeah. Who could pass that up?

Still gearing up on my short story project. Or is it flash fiction?

Could say more. Beginning of the year is so hectic.


It's been a hectic week.

One of our cats is sick with bronchitis or something, so we've been at the vet and we're getting a new air purifier because she has asthma.

I'm trying hyperbaric oxygen therapy next week for the first time. It's meant to help with my long covid mitochondrial nonsense.

I've started turning my rough notes for a short story into a rough draft. I might even try to have it published this year. Or I may just publish it here.

In an effort to have more plants inside, I picked up a Calathea Makayona. It's very pretty.

One of my goals this year is to send a ton of mail. So far, I've sent five postcards and a letter. Not bad for five days, right?

I've also been journaling every day. And I sketched out a plan for the garden in front of our house so we can have a bench and herbs for the community.

I'm switching from cotton to wool wherever possible because I'm tired of clothes wearing out. So yeah. Wool. And hand-washing.

I feel like I'm missing things, but that's not really of any significance, is it? This is already just a very strange list of nonsense.