Feeling Wrong

The good news is that it’s not just you that feels wrong and in fact it is not you that is wrong. The bad news is that the world is wrong

Born to Lose

The fundamental flaw in our legal system is that it restricts and punishes instead of recovering and rehabilitating

The fundamental flaw in our economy is that it chases quick profits at the cost of people and the planet, breeding inequality and neglecting our future


Life isn't fair because people keep insisting it can't be so that they don't have to practice empathy

How can we expect a person to care for their neighbors when our employers' and cities' and nations' decisions are made only for the benefit of corporations?


Organized religions in our world are organizations waging memetic warfare for thousands of years on end with many messages all funneling their target back to the same core message “there is something wrong with you that can only be fixed if you live like we live” in an effort to pacify through cultural homogenization


Overachievers are holding your organization back by