Finding Things Online

The year is 2024, and AOL keywords would be a step up from the state of search.

Here I'm leisurely compiling how I go about finding information online in the hopes that it can benefit others.

General Search

My best advice today is to pay for Kagi. It's better than DuckDuckGo and Google and of course Bing still has nothing to offer, so it's that simple.

Home Improvement

Sites like Houzz and even are so polluted with listicles and words for the sake of words that it's difficult to discern if there is anything of value hidden within.

In my experience, a quick search on This Old House will get you what you need. You might need to tweak the terms in your search a bit to get the right results or even any results, but this is far preferable to getting dozens of results which in no way relate to the topic of interest. The webpages themselves are only as long as demanded by the subject they cover.